Every dollar makes a difference. A fiver can make a huge difference to our Farmers in need.

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Update from Jack!

Our Mates Lewis Holland & Charlotte Caslick have created the most amazing initiative to help rebuild the fences destroyed by the recent floods. 

Over 8000km of fencing has been destroyed. Visit www.fencingforfarmers.com to donate to a worthy cause.

The drought is far from over. The media might not be sharing stories as much as they did last year but our Farmers need our love, support and donations more than ever. 


Updates from the fiver team!

#AFFAF Challenge 2019

We have a challenge for you! We are always asked ”how else can we help our Australian Farmers?!”

So today Jack was speaking with Tash from Drought Angels who suggested that we can help our farmers by buying Australian made produce. So the challenge was set!

It wasn't as easy as you'd think. So are you ready to give it a go? When completing your next grocery shop we challenge you to buy as much Australia grown and made products as possible. Then we would love for you to share it with us! Using the hashtag #affafchallengeOur Australian farmers deserve our support!



Hi. My name is Jack Berne. I am ten years old and I am in Year 4 at St John the Baptist Primary School at Freshwater. 

We have been learning about the drought and the Farmers and I heard that there are kids that are skipping school to help out on their farms. Kids that are our age!

My school mates and I want to fundraise for the Farmers - "A fiver for a Farmer" - but we need your help!

Here is the idea. We are going to get dressed up as farmers and bring in a fiver to raise awareness and funds. If we can raise some money, I think we can all feel better about helping our mates on the farms!


Australia, we've got a problem!

Following record dry conditions, Farmers in rural Australia are in dire straights. As costs spiral and conditions worsen, even putting food on the table is  becoming too hard for some families. 

Let's band together and show them we care because if we don't help them, who will? It's all of our future. 


How do you get involved?

Join the movement! On August 13th, we are asking all school kids across Australia to dress as Farmers, bring in five dollars to donate to drought relief and help change the future of Aussie Farmers. 

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Where will our money go?

Rural Aid - A central point of focus to provide assistance and relief for Farmers in distress and poverty.

Drought Angels - A unique service offering drought relief through support for rural families in need. A small charity run by big hearts.